Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients of LAIKA BONE Chews?

Milk Protein: Human grade lactose free milk protein Water: The absolute best Madeira Island water Preservatives and antioxidants: Vitamin E ​Emulsifier: Apple pectine Colorants: annatto, beetroot, cochineal, lycopene (no artificial colorants) FLAVORS CHICKEN BEEF CHORIZO SALMON PORK HAM LAMB DUCK PEANUT BUTTER AMINO ACIDS Aspartic Acid 4.12 g /100g Glutamic Acid 12.80 g /100g Alanina 1.72 g /100g Arginine 2.17 g /100g Cistina 0.23 g /100g Prolina 6.23 g /100g Phenylanine 3.16 g /100g Glycine 1.17 g /100g Isoleucine 3.05 g /100g Leucina 5.29 g /100g Lysine 4.46 g /100g Methionine 1.05 g /100g Serina 3.51 g /100g Tirosina 3.51 g /100g Treonina 2.32 g /100g Valina 3.54 g /100g Histidine 1.54 g /100g

Why the LAIKA BONE chews may look like its plastics?

Plutos are 100% cheese. We can classify the type as a "Firm sound rind" type pf cheese. That means that the external surface of the cheese is firm and thick consistent with the size of the cheese; is not easily dented or damaged; is dry, smooth and closely knit to protect the interior quality from external defects; and is externally free from checks, cracks, breaks or soft spots. The shiny effect is basically protection. It is a very thin layer of the outside skin that gets shiny with the type of drying we use - air effect. With age, sometimes lose it.

How is the product hypoallergenic?

How is the product hypoallergenic? Hypoallergenic is the characteristic of provoking fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. We choose our products very carefully and from the best suppliers. Our partners always ensure us that their products are safe. Before giving your dog a chew please verify if the dog is allergic to any of our ingredients. Please note that there are some dogs that may be allergic to milk protein and/or chicken.

Where are the natural ingredients sourced from?

All-natural ingredients are sourced from European companies with a proven record of good manufacturing practices. All products are 100% EUROPEAN.

What kind of fat is used?

Depending on the markets and clients we apply either certified pork fat or extra virgin oil.

What certifications does LAIKA BONE have?

LAIKA BONE is GMP and HACCP certified with an ISO 9001 in progress.

What dog chews are safe?

Dog chews that are not too hard and that can be digestible in 24h. Chews that are not smoked, are lactose and gluten free, low fat and low in carbohydrates. Chews that are manufactures with HACCP and GMP certifications. PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE fall in that category.

What dog chews are bad for dogs?

All chews that are too hard - bones, antlers or made of rawhide. Those chews have bad digestibility and may cause obstructions.

What dog chews last longest?

Probably the ones that are extremely hard and not good for dogs’ teeth, bones, antlers. They are dangerous because they don`t have good digestibility. Chews like PLUTOS or LAIKA BONE that are healthier and safer can last less but the reason is that dogs love their flavors so much that they will only stop chewing when they are over.

Can dog chews cause diarrhea?

Yes, dog chews like the ones made with yak milk that have lactose can cause diarrhea. Always choose lactose free cheese chews, like PLUTOS or LAIKA BONE cheese chews.

Are Himalayan chews safe for dogs?

Normally Himalayan chews are safe but can be dangerous for dogs in the sense that the end piece not being chewable could cause suffocation and obstruction problems if swallowed. Can also cause diarrhea because some are not lactose free. PLUTOS and LAIIKA BONE cheese chews are a better solution since they break down when chewed allowing dogs to enjoy it without swallowing big pieces. They were also graded as having EXCELLENT 24-hour digestibility in in vitro testing in case a dog swallows a larger piece.

Are dog chews edible?

Some dog chews like PLUTOS, LAIKA BONE, Yak chews and animal soft parts are edible. Others like nylabone, real bones, rawhide, plastic bones or silicone bones with flavors can be "considered" edible but they are not very digestible or digestible at all, and they may be dangerous or not bring anything positive to the health of your dog.

What dog chews are safe?

The safest chews are PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE. They are hard enough to be a great chew but not hard enough to break a tooth. Also have an EXCELENT 24-HOUR digestibility. They are also a nutritious snack, rich in proteins, calcium, essential amino acids, and phosphorus

Why dogs chew pawns or why dogs chew nails?

The dog could be stressed or with anxiety. You should give him a type of chew that will take is mind out of that habit, chews like PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE have an ingredient - casein that helps dogs to be more relaxed.

Can puppies have Himalayan dog chews?

Himalayan are too hard for puppies. A softer version and more digestible recommended chew are PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE.

How do dental chews work?

To clean teeth chews must have an active ingredient. Not only friction is the right answer - like with real bones. Chews like PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE as a natural ingredient - CASEIN (lactose free) - that is proven to eliminate bad teeth bacteria, it acts as an anti-bacteria agent. Rawhide does not work at all and they are a dangerous chew.

Are dog chews fattening?

Generally, no, unless they are smoked, or they have too much fat or carbohydrates. PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE chews are air dried, low fat and low in carbs.

Are dog chews good for dogs?

Dog chews are ESSENTIAL for dog’s well-being. Dogs do need to chew. It gets them busy, it is a good mental exercise, controls their anxiety and cleans their teeth. Chosing a good chew is particularly important. They should not be too hard, smoked, lactose and gluten free, high in fat and carbohydrates. Chews like PLUTOS and LAIKA BONE not only have those characteristics but are also rich in high quality protein, calcium, essential amino acids and phosphorous. Plutos and LAIKA BONE are 100% cheese.


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